Design by Committee

Working in a team can be great because you get the benefit of other people’s perspectives and creative input. Sometimes working in a team sucks…you have the burden of other people’s perspectives and creative input!

One of my favourite sayings is A camel is a horse designed by a committee, which originated with automotive designer Alex Issigianis in 1958. The term refers to projects that have too many designers with no single unifying vision. When you compromise between all the views of the project members you can end up with something that doesn’t meet anbody’s expectations. Depending on your work environment or the situation, it may be difficult to avoid being in a situation where you have lots of personalities and perspectives working on a creative project. My advice is to develop a strong vision, pitch it persuasively and involve others at strategic points.

If you have the committee blues, check out his great video by the team at Vooza:


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