PowerPoint…it’s not you it’s me

Graphic DesignYou may have noticed things have been fairly quiet in these parts. I have been completing a Certificate IV in Graphic Design and it’s been a huge commitment in addition to parenting and work. However it has been wonderful learning new skills and being around other creative like-minded people. I love being in a place where we can have in depth discussions about the finer points of printing on gloss v semi gloss paper!

I wanted to do formal graphic design training because I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated by the limits of PowerPoint. After completing 6-months intensive training in Adobe Creative Suite, typography and graphic design elements and principles, I feel much more equipped to create dynamic presentations. Perhaps the most exciting skill I’ve learned is the ability to make my own vector graphics. I’m no longer limited by the options available in stock libraries or the auto shapes in PowerPoint…the sky’s the limit.

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2 thoughts on “PowerPoint…it’s not you it’s me

  1. There’s certainly far more power in the Adobe CS tools than in PowerPoint, and they carry a lot more “street cred”.

    Still, there’s a heck of a lot you can do just with PowerPoint. Have you tried its Combine Shapes commands, which were introduced in PPT 2010? (By default they’re not on the toolbar, so you have to use a few clicks to customize it first.)

    Or one of my favourite PPT tricks is the Edit Points command, which lets you play with Bezier curves as though you’re using Illustrator.

    And you might like this post which begins by saying “Want to make your humble slides look like you used Flash, Photoshop, or another fancy (and pricey!) Adobe tool – when you only used PowerPoint? Well here are some videos…”

    • I use the Combine Shape commands but haven’t tried the Edit Points command, thanks for the tip. PowerPoint will always be my first love.

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